Friday, 30 May 2008

Woods above Moncontour, afternoon.

Springs have sprung from nowhere, much of the path has become streambed, for which I'm illshod. It's often a choice between wet feet or nettle-stung arms, but I avoid both.


Bee said...

Do you wear wellies when you walk? I've often wondered, as I have difficulty picturing you in "trainers."

Lucy said...

Had I known how wet it would be I would have worn wellies! In fact I was wearing, and often wear, scruffy, comfy old Reebok town-walking trainers, which are plain black and nicely bouncy, lighter than walking boots, but not waterproof, though the soles are thick enough to keep you out of light surface water.

Bee said...

Those sound good! And somehow the black keeps them from looking quite so geeky, white, and dare I say -- American?