Thursday, 15 May 2008

Up the road, afternoon

Marcel's hedge of purple rhododendron alternating with philadelphus is beginning to flower. The kindly perfume of the latter, mixed with the bitterness of box hedges, is a memory of childhood.


Bee said...

My first daughter was born in England . . . and I vividly remember driving down a long forested lane, absolutely banked with purple rhododendrens, on the way to the hospital.

Some people hate them, but I'm fond of them.

Rosie said...

ooo nostalgia rhododendrons and hampstead heath

Lucy said...

Thanks for your faithfulness both, I really will get back on the circuit again soon!

I am no longer snobby about rhodies or hydrangeas, things which thrive here endear themselves anyway. Bee, did you call your daughter Rhoda?!:~)