Sunday, 25 May 2008

Up the road, afternoon

Down the edge of the field with the mirabel hedge, the soil feels soft underfoot like beach sand near a river mouth, slightly treacherous. Tiny maize plants poke through it.


Bee said...

Can you reach so many varied landscapes by foot from your home? Or do you drive sometimes?

Lucy said...

All the 'up the road, down the road' ones are reached from home, the others require mostly a short drive, the seaside a bit further.

The landscape is not so very varied really; sometimes I feel a bit fed up with the sameness of it, but that's one of the purposes of this exercise, a challenge to continue to find variety in the same small area. We're not serious long distance walkers like you are, Bee, though on a nice day when I've more time like today, we go a bit further!