Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Up the road, afternoon

Johannes, a Dutch visitor, cycles wobblingly alongside us for a time, talking fondly of dogs and children, their emotions and relationships.

A pansy-faced cat watches us from fallow long grass.


Bee said...

I would have liked to have eavesdropped on this conversation! It sounds so sweet and poetic.

"Pansy-faced" cat; such a gorgeous image. Did it have a black masked face with a light colored body?

Lucy said...

I have never encountered a man so conspicuously broody and tender- hearted! such a shame he seems not to have children and dogs of his own!

The cat was a little pied tortoiseshell,much as you describe, probably with a bit of Siamese, such as there are quite a few of hereabouts, there being an old Siamese patriarch tomcat nearby. Have you ever come across Kathleen Hale's Orlando the Marmalade Cat books? One of his kittens was a tortoiseshell called Pansy. If you don't know them, find them for your children, they're such charming books!

Bee said...

I will look for these books . . . if not for my children, than for a little boy that I tutor. (He is obsessed with cats and only wants to read stories that feature them.)

I do like a tender-hearted man! Funny that he hasn't found a willing partner . . .