Sunday, 11 May 2008

Down the road, evening

Everything glows: bright yellow broom and buttercups, and greenfinch wings which break from a dereliction of forget-me-nots, pale redgold sorrel roadsides, the misty exhalation of spring wheatfield. May is exploding.


Dave said...

I think your May must be more akin to our June. There's a song from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical "Oklahoma" that captures it: "June is Busting Out all Over."

I love "a dereliction of forget-me-nots."

Lucy said...

Know it well, Dave; Tom sings it quite often, sometimes replacing June with the name of some buxom female...

The dereliction of forget-me-nots is a poignant story; it's the deserted garden of an old chap who died a year or two ago; he was quite a strict but devoted gardener, since he died the forget-me-nots have largely taken over. I must say I rather like them, but obey their injunction and remember the old man.