Monday, 26 May 2008

Up the road, afternoon

The sky is lively, full of light and form and movement, the young, pale green barley rippling silkily below is beautiful. And yet the whole seems melancholy.

Must be me.


Bee said...

Why melancholy then?

We didn't even venture outside today. Not even once. Such abysmal weather here . . . I made soup, and little daughter and I had a baking orgy.

Lucy said...

Oh well, it was quite moody weather, and late afternoons can be low times. In fact, and I'm a little loath to admit this because I wouldn't like you to think I habitually spent my afternoons indoors watching films, but I had, in honour of the British bank holiday and with a pile of ironing, just been watching the film 'Robin and Marian' on the telly. It was a rare later role for Audrey Hepburn, and it was surprisingly haunting and sad, very beautifully filmed too. Also an arrangement I was trying to make wasn't falling into place which was niggling me rather, and Tom had been a bit distant and preoccupied...

Anyway, we had a chat and talked about the things which were bothering us, and then the arrangement got sorted for the best, and some nice stuff came through with qarrtsiluni, so it was really only a passing thing!

Your baking orgy sounds lovely; how wonderful your little girl has a mum who does such things with her, I can almost smell your steamy warm fragrant kitchen on a rainy afternoon!

Bee said...

I have been suffering from a similar mood . . . also for similar reasons.

BTW,I ALWAYS watch films when I iron. It's the self-bribe, isn't it? I've never seen "Robin and Marian" -- but I love Hepburn, and you make it sound very appealing. I saw "Little Women" (twice) with my youngest daughter.