Thursday, 27 March 2008

Up the road, afternoon

Throat weirdly sore, I don't feel right. No matter; the sky is mostly blue and the sun has shone today. The birds are singing for real and not against adversity.


Bee said...

Nip a sore throat in the bud with a hot toddy!

We had a blue, blue sky today -- and little daughter and I took a long walk together. I wonder how she compares to Mol?

The only funny thing is that I'm used to my walking time being a chance to let my mind wander/wonder . . . and she just chattered away, and kept demanding that I stay on-topic.

Plutarch said...

Our birds too,properly, for the first time this year.

Lucy said...

Thank you for visiting!
Bee, I would normally use it as an excuse for a hot toddy like a shot, but one of the weird things about it is it's making almost everything, especially alcoholic, fruity and sweet things, taste horrid. It's not developing into a cold, but making me feel a bit washed out.
I'm sure walking with your daughter is delightful, but walking with any other person or people is not the same as being alone. Moll is a quite sedate, cheerful and undemanding companion, a dog is good like that: company without conversation!

Plutarch - they try their best when it's wet and cold, but sing qualitatively differently on a sunny day...