Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Trédaniel plan d'eau, morning.

I stand listening to the rain on the hood of my coat and watching the dappled circles it makes on the surface of the water. Years fall away from me.


Bee said...

If I might interrupt with a prosaic question: Where did you grow up, Lucy?

I wish that I could love the rain -- and associate it with youthful experience. Instead, it just makes me want to stay inside and go back to bed! (And I am much the worse for missing my daily walk.)

Dave said...

Nice one, Lucy.

Lucy said...

Thank you Dave, Bee.

Bee, I mostly feel the same as you, especially when there's a lot of it! I grew up in Hertfordshire in the Home Counties (funny appellation that, home for whom?!), where it rained a fairly average amount for England, though not as much as Wales where I spent many years... I think I quite liked having wellingtons and waterproof coats.

Bee said...


Two of my best friends live in HERTS -- one in Welwyn and the other in Weston.

Rain is just not very congenial to me, but then I am a native Texan.

Wellies are nice, though.