Friday, 14 March 2008

Up the road, afternoon

The sun is making the fields emerald green in the distance. My mind is skittering off all over the place and I can't develop anything. Alas, sometimes it's like that.


Bee said...

Gosh, I know just what you mean by a skittering mind.

I also suffer from a "twitching" mind at times.

Lucy, I know our friendship is barely fledgling, but I just wrote a post on reading called "My To-Read Shelf" and I thought you might enjoy it. I would appreciate your feedback!

Rosie said...

yes,skittering is a good word for it. I like to take a walk with Mol every now and again. It is always colourful here...and the fields aren't emerald green very often at the moment.

Plutarch said...

Skittering is real.