Monday, 24 March 2008

Up the road, afternoon,10 x 3

Eluding the rain
Rusty wicket gate
Leeks, bolted cabbages
Damp, disconsolate windflowers
Drab green pines
Veiled, luminous horizon
Faraway, brilliant fragments
Renewal of wonder
Landscape loved again
Raindrop ringed puddles.


Bee said...

I am a damp, disconsolate windflower at the moment! I do not like any return of winter once spring gets started!!

Yesterday we drove to Oxford and big, fat snowflakes rained down on the windshild.

I am off for my own walk now -- sans dog!

Rosie said...

:-))yes to luminous horizons

Plutarch said...

An enrichening experience for you and Mol.