Monday, 17 March 2008

Up the road, afternoon

Reproachful, self-piteous, lugubrious as the day - stop scowling at the ground so!

Force up chin and brows, breathe.

Hear, then see the first bumble bee, there, on the flowering currant.

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Bee said...

Lugubrious is a wonderfully descriptive word! One of those words which non-readers never get exposed to.

Isn't it funny how a certain kind of heavy gray day can feel so morose? If we are feeling inclined that way ourselves, the weather seems to mirror back our mood (and can certainly make it worse!).

Lucy, I wanted to thank you for your comments on the to-read shelf. I agree -- blogging does cut into reading time. But then it is writing and thinking and sharing time, is it not? Last year I was very low and I read for escape; how much better it is to read for enrichment!

I was thinking of you on Sunday -- when I read Jeanette Winterson's fine introduction to Ted Hughes in the Guardian's poetry guide. Did you read it, by chance? There is longish paragraph that I particularly want to share with you, but only with your permission!