Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Up the road, afternoon

North facing on the watershed, we're the last to know about spring, first to say goodbye to autumn.

Only now, a single cherry flower passes it along, she's heard something...


Bee said...

Back to ambivalent England, after two weeks in full-on Texas spring.

I played tennis in the early morning, and the outdoor court was swathed in a cold, damp fog. Gradually, the sun peeked out to warm us -- and the romping dogs on the lawn.

Lucy said...

Hello Bee! Lovely to have you back, though of course from where I am you didn't really go away!

Bee said...

Thank you --
and even though I had a lovely trip, it is good to be back. I missed my lovely study -- with its hummingbird wallpaper and its view of a willow tree.

Even though we communicate by Internet, at least we do share the same weather now!