Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bon Abri, Hillion peninsular, afternoon.

We go to the beach collecting photographs, though it is misty and flat. We collect a lot of sand and take it back to the car (the old one, happily).


Plutarch said...

Mol looks as though she is enjoying the smell of sea and sea weed and the salt water under her feet, as I would.

Jean said...

That photo is adorable, as well as very aesthetically pleasing.

Bee said...

How far are you from the beach?

Dogs, like children, seem to LOVE the beach.

Lucy said...

Thank you visitors!

Mol does like a paddle, it's true. The foreshortening here makes her look much bigger at the back end than she really is, though she's not the most elegantly shaped dog!

Bee, we're not more than half an hour form the beach, though it's rather estuarine with an enormous tidal reach, you need to go a little further to get golden sands and proper seaside.