Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Streets of Lannion, lunchtime.

Mol is in holiday mode, pounding the pavements and sniffing the corners of a strange town, sitting patiently under a restaurant table to be fed tidbits, from Tom, not me.


Plutarch said...

If I were a dog that is what I would be doing. What curious smells await her!

Bee said...

And what tidbits did Mol get?

I walked eight rather hallucinatory (because I'm so tired and jetlagged) miles today in a bitter northwest wind . . . did it come from your way?

Bee said...

Are you walking today? I think that I will be skipping it.

It is terribly cold and unspringlike here.

Lucy said...

Mol got a little bread and salmon terrine, and quite possibly a morsel of far breton with caramel!

Today's walk was very short. A long tiring walk may be a good thing for jetlag, it would help you sleep!