Sunday, 6 April 2008

Up the road, afternoon

The oddity of grains of snow falling on spring flowers out of a sunny sky. If what they say is true, the Inuit must surely have a word for it.


Bee said...

My husband (who is still in England) sent me pictures of our house and garden -- buried under the proverbial "blanket" of snow. Apparently it fell, so quietly, during the night.

The weather differences accentuate the physical distance . . . as we are in shorts here in Texas, and I sunburned my neck on a long walk this morning! You would like walking around here, I think.

It has a very specific smell, that I remember so strongly from my childhood.

Plutarch said...

With climate change, we will probably want a word of our own. Snaffle comes to mind. From which you might say: the fields are snaffled. There is snaffling in the garden. Molly came in her coat snaffled.

Lucy said...

Thanks, Bee, for visiting from so far away, and Plutarch for the chuckle!