Friday, 18 April 2008

Down the road, afternoon.

Walking briskly, just to the corner, rain all day. I'll light a fire when we get in; a bright fire on a cold wet spring evening is a cheery thing.


Rosie said...

depends whether your chimney smokes

Lucy said...

Bah humbug!:~)
Actually, as I read this, the chimney was in fact smoking rather smellily, but it was still emitting warmth and light, which was not unwelcome!

Bee said...

I was just contemplating a (wet, cold) walk down to the newsagent's to get the Saturday Guardian. I think that I might have been checking you for some walking guidance and inspiration!

Sweet Repose said...

You have inspired me with an idea to do something with all that space on my blog and my life with THE DOG...what a hoot, I love it...almost as much as my dog.
Thanks, sharon