Thursday, 2 April 2009

Up the road, afternoon

Despite the cold, a thickening certainty in the birdsong, like reaching a setting point.

A honeybee gathers propolis from Marcel's Chinese privet hedge.

Slightly whitening dog violets in the bank.


The Crow said...

I was unfamiliar with the word propolis, Lucy, and went to Wikipedia for a definiton. There I learned it is the tree and bud sap. You have contributed to my intellectual edification; thank you.


Lucy said...

Hello Martha!

I like to edify!(In fact I just mistyped that as 'deify', which seems to offer interesting possibilities...). It's the waxy stuff on certain spring leaves, which bees gather to make into beeswax. I didn't know about that until I became aware of large quantities of bees in early spring working on the leaves of our laurel hedges, and learned that was what they were doing.

The Crow said...

Ah! I misunderstood what I read. Of course; sap probably wouldn't work - too sticky.