Sunday, 9 November 2008

Up the road, afternoon.

I admire the kestrels' skill in hovering in this harsh, cold though southerly wind. Their wild wheeling flight seems exultant, but really it's a hard way to make a living.


Bee said...

Sometimes it is so obvious that birds are flying "just for kicks" -- and not necessarily to get somewhere. I wasn't sure if you were describing this, or a necessary migration.

"Hard way to make a living" is a fun bit of anthropomorphism.

Lucy said...

They have to hover to catch food, but it was heavy going! They still seemed to enjoy it, but again, that's probably anthropomorphism. There were a pair of them I imagine live round here, though I don't know. I see them in much the same place all the year round, assuming it's the same ones. It was one of them perched up on the telegraph wire in the picture at Box Elder.