Monday, 10 November 2008

Down the road, late afternoon.

Grey, windy and colourless, prematurely dusk, leaves and birds flit and twitter over the dark brown fields. The crooked chestnut tree on the corner is reduced to an armature again.


christopher said...

Tuesday, drizzly day in Oregon, south of Portland.

My cat sleeps on the top of the ladder in the garage.

I placed a pad for her there after I saw.

Bee said...

This creates such a strong visual image for me. I can just see the leaves and birds tumbling together.

And the word "armature!" You don't see that one everyday.

Lucy said...

Christopher, nice to see you here. Lucky cat to be so looked out for! BTW, I like your blog title very much, it reminds me of Hadrian's Wall, the Eagle of the 9th, things like that.

Bee - skeleton was too obvious!

I'll get back onto this blog when things have settled down again.