Thursday, 2 October 2008

Down the road, late afternoon.

It is wintry cold, and rainy. Some chestnuts are falling, it probably won't be a good chestnut year. I fancy a fire this evening, but we won't give in yet.


Bee said...

I had to pick up my youngest from school tonight at 7 pm, and it was cold AND dark. So it begins . . .
a fire sounds so cosy. We resisted, too, but I did make chicken noodle soup to warm up the innards!

Do you know why it isn't a good year for chestnuts?

Lucy said...

Mmm, soup is good.

The chestnuts are just better with a good summer, and preferably a good autumn too. There'll be a few this year, last year there were none, for about the first time ever I think. We're a little far north for them really, though the trees are abundant, it's a bit cool and wet for the nuts.

Chestnut soup is good too!