Saturday, 27 September 2008

Lancieux sur Mer, Friday 26th.

Before lunch, the beach to ourselves.

After, sand-sails, kite-boards, kite-surfers, windsurfers with see-through sails like lace-winged flies.

A reunion, egg sandwiches, beach walking, and what we want, and what we're getting.


Bee said...

Does the wanting and the getting refer to the walk and sandwiches -- or something else entirely?

I also wondered about all of those people doing water sports. Were they wet-suited?

Lucy said...

Well, rather what we were talking about, but various of us did and didn't want the walk - all of us wanted the sandwiches, and a cup of tea when we found the beach cafe open!

They were mostly wetsuited, though a few hardy bathers were going in just in cozzies. It's quite a sheltered spot of coast.

Nice to see you again. I'll try to get back here more regularly now.

Bee said...

They always say that the ocean is warmest in September . . . but the air certainly is not!