Sunday, 22 June 2008

Up the road, afternoon; flora.

Foxgloves still; white campion, blue scabious like licquorice allsorts; constellations of tiny white stonecrop, with pink, fleshy leaves on the seams of micro-granite in the roadside banks; lesser stitchwort, yarrow.


Dave said...

The yarrow's out here, too. (And probably foxgloves - I'm not sure. I don't have any in my own garden, and I don't get off the mountain much.)

Lucy said...

Yarrow, - Achilles healing herb in the Iliad, the name's are both more interesting than the flower, perhaps.

Also knapweed, I missed that one, which is pretty.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bee said...

I've never heard of stonecrop or stitchwort . . . so many new plants and flowers to learn!

BTW, I've planted a couple of new Winchester Cathedrals -- in your honor!