Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Île de Bréhat, all day.

We walk from the Port in the south to the lighthouse in the north, on a daft non-treasure hunt. Mol walks like a trooper. We are happy and oh-so tired!

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Bee said...

I love the word "daft" -- and the English use it so well. Another good word that Americans neglect!!

I took a long walk on the canal on Wed morning . . . and I was specifically thinking of you and your self-set task. I kept musing about what I would write about -- in 30 words. The poet's task is not an easy one: to observe closely and describe FRESHLY.

(I apologize for not recording this thought in a more timely fashion, but I had to rush home to go to a concert in London for my teenager's birthday treat. The O2 Arena was certainly an assault on the senses after my solitary walk.)