Monday, 2 June 2008

Down the road, late afternoon.

After a late night, short sleep and idle day, frowsting, reading and dozing, we don't go far and walk slowly. But the moist air is refreshing as a cool damp flannel.


Dave said...

"Frowsting"? That's a new one on me!

Bee said...

"Cool damp flannel" sounds lovely. Funny -- that line between muggy damp, and refreshing damp.

Lucy said...

Dave, not brought up on a diet of Kipling evidently, unlike me!
'the cure for this ill
Is not to sit still
And frowst with a book by the fire,
But to take a large hoe
And a shovel also
And dig till you gently perspire.'

- if I remember rightly: the remedy for the camelious hump. Which I didn't have, and I rather like frowsting from time to time.

Bee, it was unseasonably cool,and quite refreshing for that.