Monday, 21 September 2009

Up the road, afternoon.

Marcelle gives me shocking pink asters and hazelnuts. Pierre stops the tractor and promises me firewood for winter.

The dead cow is still in the field, still dead.

Country matters.


The Crow said...

A beautiful vignette you have drawn with your words of life in the country, Lucy. I am so glad you are back.


Lucy said...

Thanks Crow. I'm not sure the dead cow is very beautiful, in fact I know it isn't.

I told Pierre about it, who said to ring his son who'd tell the farmer to whom those particular cows belonged. I tried to do so, and to ring the farmer who owned them, but without success, no one answered the 'phone. I didn't check on it today, but the other cows were grazing in that part of the field again, which they weren't before - animals don't like being near other dead animals. So I'm hoping Pierre himself passed the message on and they've done something about it. I'm feeling slightly digruntled as I feel they should check on their livestock themselves, even young stock left out as these are; it shouldn't be up to me to be on dead cow patrol!

I half thought of doing a photo post along the lines of 'Nasty Things in the Countryside', featuring aforesaid dead cow, battery turkey sheds, slurry pits and other not-so-picturesque things to be seen on my walks. But I'm not sure I have the moral courage...

On the other hand the asters and cobnuts were lovely.