Monday, 21 September 2009

Down the road, morning.

A pearly spiders' web morning. They hang on branches and bushes, posts and postboxes. Some, intriguingly, are suspended from electric wires, pegged to the ground. Don't the spiders risk electrocution?


The Crow said...

I love when spider webs are strung with pearls of dew - so beautiful.

I think spiders are safe for the same reasons as are birds on electrical wires: they don't make a grounding connection. That's an interesting question, though, and I'm not absolutely certain my answer is correct.


Lucy said...

Well normally I'd say you were, Martha dear, but what puzzles me here is that there were anchor lines of the webs which did make contact with the ground, and these were all covered with moisture, so what was to stop them conducting the electricity? Perhaps the webs and the spiders are just too light.