Saturday, 17 January 2009

Up the road, afternoon.

The kestrel hangs in the ripped, quicksilver-bleeding, smoking sky, pushing into the wind.

Have they yet dissected, replicated that tiny skull and falcon eye, to find out how it sees?


Bee said...

What a fascinating thought! Can the kestrel see a huge sweep, or just a lasered beam?

Lucy said...

That's what I wondered, they see so precisely, a vole in the grass, say, but must be aware of a wider spatial perspective also. We know how rapidly our perspective changes once in flight too.

But I don't really like the thought of them taking its head apart to find out, though I daresay something of the kind has been done. I prefer just to wonder really!

Thanks for visiitng.

Bee said...

This thought has stayed with me, Lucy. Sometimes I'm dreadfully incurious about things, but now I want to know how/what a bird sees!

(And do some birds see better than others?) I was just reading Dick's description of the red kite, from a week ago, and I wondered if it thrilled to that iced-over world much as we did.