Sunday, 11 January 2009

Langueux les Greves, Saturday afternoon.

Older couples walking, some heavily equipped photographers, a sparrowhawk raking a field of wintering finches, ice and salt patterns on the beachs, egrets in the frozen marsh drains, nine goldfinches.


Bee said...

Are there many photographers where you live? Do you often see them out?

On Saturday I took a frosty walk and tried to capture some of the beautiful ice-encased trees and grasses, etc. People kept looking at me like I was a nutter!

Lucy said...

Well no, that was the strange thing; I don't know if they were bird photographers, as it's a place for migrating waders and other wildfowl, or if there was some comptetition going on... their gear looke almost like military hardware, and one of them looked very sneerily at my little toy Canon.

People looking at you like a nutter you soon get used to!

Bee said...

They wouldn't have scoffed at your Canon if they knew of all of the lovely pictures you've taken with it!