Sunday, 11 January 2009

Up the road, afternoon.

The hilltop pine trees have been heavily trimmed, piles of branches and an inviting crop of pine cones lie on the ground. Molly puts up five partridges from the field.


Bee said...

I don't know that phrase "puts up." Does it mean that she chases them from land to flight?

Lucy said...

Yes, it's a shooting phrase, a subject in which I have zero interest. It just amuses me when Mol's atavistic gundog impulses momentarily kick in, especially as she's totally inept and bemused about them!

Bee said...

I went to a lunch last week and there was a woman there with some very posh breed of dog. Apparently he had been sent to doggie boarding school for four months to learn how to be a proper gun-dog. (!!) I am united with you in having zero interest in this subject. I would get on better with the locals if I did have an interest. I am utterly useless as I find horses a bit frightening, too.