Thursday, 10 July 2008

Down the road, afternoon.

Working my fingers into the earthed-up ridge at the edge of the field, I scrump a couple of potatoes. Unnecessary but fun. They'll go with the peas from the market.


Bee said...

I like the word "scrump." Is it a made-up word?

Lucy said...

No, it's a traditional familiar British word for stealing produce from someone else's patch, which somehow has never seemed to be as bad as real theft, as it's mostly just helping oneself to surplus. Usually it's apples and other tree fruit that get scrumped, but in this case it was apples of the earth!

Come to think, there's also scrumpy cider, which presumably was a product of rough, windfall and generally surplus apples that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Ask Sigmund about scrumping!