Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wooded path, next to the main approach to the Chateau de Bogard, morning.

Molly insisted we stop, I'm glad she did. The chateau appears across its reedy fishing pool, small in the landscape, in low-contrast light, symmetrical and graceful, beautiful but unassuming.


The Crow said...

Molly the Explorer reminds me of my long-gone dog, who took me on jaunts to unknown places. He enjoyed those walks much better than when I was the leader. So did I, usually.


Lucy said...

Hello Crow! Mol has a habit of holding on until the journey is underway, then pleading the urgency of a comfort break. But though I knew this spot quite well, I hadn't actually walked here, and didn't realise how pleasant a path it was, with safe and easy parking too. We may well make it a regular stopping off point.

Lucy said...

Oh, btw, how lovely to see your face!