Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Trédaniel plan d'eau, afternoon

The starry raft of water crowsfoot breaks the pattern of ripples the wind makes on the surface of the water, creating a still, smooth patch the small fish swim in.


Bee said...

Your words always paint such pictures . . . but sometimes I lack the natural vocabulary to visualize what I'm trying to "see."

Water crowsfoot? I like "starry raft" -- very much.

The Crow said...

I googled water crowfoot because I don't know this flower, and found beautiful images, including what looked like "floating rafts," as you described. How lovely! Makes the walk with you and Molly more real!


Lucy said...

I have some good water crowsfoot photos from last year, I'll post them! It's a charming little plant, I didn't know what it was for a long time but found it eventually on a website. We wish we could grow it in our garden pond, but it probably either wouldn't thrive at all or would be horribly invasive as many water plants are.

Thanks for coming along!