Monday, 2 March 2009

Down the road, afternoon.

A wet Sunday, and we hadn't much cared to come out, but the rain has stopped, and it is mild and silvery, the road gleaming. Still, we don't stay long.


Bee said...

Funny, but our Sunday was mostly sunny. Usually our weather seems more attuned.

Sorry that I haven't visited in a while . . . and I haven't been walking much either. I should go walk now . . . having caught up with you thoroughly on Box Elder. Your pictures from the arboretum have inspired me to go outside!

Lucy said...

No need to apologise, dear Bee. The good things about this are that I really do it as much as a personal discipline ( which I don't always manage myself anyway...) as I do for feedback, but also it's not too much for anyone who does want to read to catch up with!