Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Up the road, afternoon; gained in translation.

Man, accusingly: 'Was your dog peeing on my wall?'

Me, indignantly: 'No, it was on the verge, but not peeing.  It's a bitch, she doesn't do that.'

Grunt and shrug.


The Crow said...

He's lucky Mol didn't squat on his foot - would have served him right, I think. Of course, Molly's too much of a gentlewoman to do such a thing.

Lucy said...

Hi Crow, funny business. She was loitering enjoying the smells, but nowhere near his wall, then his dachshund came running up to the gate to tell us off, and I hurried her along a bit so as not to annoy the other dog, so I suppose it looked as if we were caught in the act of doing something we were ashamed of! Those people have normally been quite friendly in the past...