Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tredaniel plan d'eau, morning

The strong welling of water around the sluice is unusual.  Then the coypu surfaces, and seeing me, floats for a time in the guise of a log, before diving again.


Jean said...

I had to look up coypu - couldn't remember what one was, and have certainly never seen one (Wikipedia kindly also told me the French name is ragondin, so doubly educational)

Lucy said...

Hello Jean! They're somewhat horrid things really, as they destroy the banks of rivers and ponds and carry leptospirosis, not that they do it on purpose or anything. They succeeded in wiping them out in the UK, but just try to keep them under control here. They make a weird noise, like a 78rpm guinea pig being played at 33! But I always have a little frisson of excitement when I see one, because they are so big and exotic for a wild creature. This one didn't surface again, but I heard it. I think they make holes with entrances under the water, so it probably went to ground as it were.