Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hill above Henon, afternoon

Looking out  towards the sea, the upright white marks of water towers suddenly remind me of the old stone cisterns of the villages on the Mani peninsular on the Peloponnese.


Bee said...

Is there any way of capturing this in a photograph?

I like this new (?) picture of you and Mol.

Lucy said...

Dear Bee, thanks so much for stopping by, you encourage me to continue! I'll try to get this view next time I pass, it's one of the best locally for taking in the whole sweep of land to the sea. I've been taking that route lately on account of a cat-feeding obligation!

I should carry the camera more.

The photo is from our autumn hols. I like that people drift by here as and when. Mostly they are special friends like yourself, or else people mistakenly looking for Malaysia On-Line! (I gather from the stats)