Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lamballe, round the lake, along the river, up the high street and over the square (Thursday).

After a long walk, eclairs and tarte aux cassis, hot chocolate for the bigger people. Iso uses Ilan's spoon, he his fingers. Molly has water in a white china bowl.


CC said...

Thanks for sharing the pleasure and
none f the calories. ;-)

Rouchswalwe said...

Still warm enough for light sweaters but cool enough for hot chocolate. Niiiiice!

The Crow said...

Ooooo...raspberry tarts! AND hot chocolate.

(I'm eating cold oatmeal for lunch...sigh.)


Lucy said...

Thanks for visiting!

CC, well, the youngsters don't have to worry about the calories, and I figured after such a long walk and before the drive home I could allow them!

RS - yes, that's perfect isn't it? Just the weather I like best.

Martha - blackcurrant! Quite unusual, you don't see them everywhere... and they had really quite a bit of fruit in them so I reckoned they were quite healthy. Why cold oatmeal, that sounds rather dreary?