Saturday, 25 July 2009

Up the road, afternoon.

The farmer's wife is riding in the back shovel of the red Massey-Ferguson tractor, with an axe-hammer. Returning, she is perched up front, and the shovel is full of logs.


The Crow said...

Do you suppose she cut all those logs? I think it would be fun to ride in the shovel of the tractor.


Lucy said...

No, I think the logs had already been cut and stacked, maybe they just split a few of them; I heard the sound of them tossing them into the shovel in a bit of woodland near the road. They were an elderly couple, who tend to be the ones who occupy themselves with cutting wood, though it's heavy work. They looked very merry and bright with their dinky little old tractor, and we all grinned and waved at each other!