Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Trédaniel plan d'eau, morning.

A middle-aged couple fishing, a Duralex tumbler holds down the pages of a magazine the man is reading. Further off, in the shade, a bright yellow plastic coolbox promises lunch.


The Crow said...

When you mentions colors in your posts, I can visualize them. Makes your posts like paintings, Lucy. A good skill for an artist-writer to have, one I wish to acquire.

It is a daily pleasure to read your blogs.


Lucy said...

Thank you Crow.

It's interesting though, because while I love colour in words as much as pictures, I've sort of been aware that I want to use it fairly sparingly, that actually it's a rather too easy way to create a sense of vividness, that might better be achieved otherwise... I haven't quite worked this out yet. When I was helping edit an on-line magazine including a lot of poetry, I got the feeling that when writers relied heavily on colour words, their work was often a bit thin, somehow.

Yet I do love introducing colour accents, and also striving to describe subtle and elusive colour, and I love writers who do it well.

Thanks for making me think more about this!